Thai yoga twist

Because kids need zen time too!

Teaching kids how to manage stress and body awareness can be an invaluable tool to help them navigate life's challenges and changes. 

Massage has been proven to be beneficial in reducing anxiety, improve sleep, concentration, and overall wellbeing.   

This session combines passive mobilizations with acupressure to stretch and soothe sore muscles, while calming the spirit and restoring balance. The session can be between 45mins to1hr depeneding on the age of the child.

Comfortable clothing is recommended.

* Insurance receipts issued under massage therapy. *

Upcoming Workshops 

Centre Holistique Revelations
2350 Herron, suite 200
Cost: $40.00
cash, credit or debit accepted

Reiki basics

Children have clear and open channels to energy as they still exist in a very pure and natural state. Reiki helps promote self confidence, compassion,and focus,while allowing them to nurture the connection to their natural gifts and spiritual nature.

How we explore!

  •  Energy basics - the chakras, meridians and the aura through various crafts.

  • Moving energy with Qigong exercises.

  • Using positive affirmations in our daily lives.

  • What is Reiki, how to use it, and level 1 attunement.