Acupressure is a subtle but powerful technique that facilitates the body’s own innate ability to heal.  Acupressure works with the energetic meridian system, as used in acupuncture, with its origins going back some 5,000 years.  A gentle pressure is applied to specific areas along the meridian to restore homeostasis within the body. 
This type of treatment is deeply relaxing and restores balance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level for overall well being and greater health.  Both acute and chronic conditions can be addressed. 

Traditional Chinese medicine takes a holistic approach and so the body, mind and spirit are treated as a whole.  Diet and lifestyle are also integral aspects to maintaining health and vitality.


Some common ailments that can be supported or alleviated with acupressure are listed below but not restricted to. 



Chronic or acute neck/shoulder/back pain

Insomnia/ Anxiety/ Depression/ Stress


Muscle cramps

Joint pain/knee pain

MigrainesChronic fatigue

Menstrual irregularities


To ease menopausal symptoms


Frequent colds and flu  



Muscle spasms/eye ticks 



Other modalities such as sound therapy or flowers essences may also be incorporated into a session according to the individual needs . Comfortable clothing is recommended. Insurance receipts issued under massage therapy.

1hr session $70.00

90 min session combined with massage  $90.00

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