Spring fever!

The spring equinox is right around the corner and with it comes not only a change of season but a change in energy. Most of us are probably already beginning to feel this as the energy gradually shifts, starting about a week before the equinox and continuing to diffuse for a week after. Spring is represented by the wood element, which tends towards birth and rebirth, inspiration, growth, and a renewed sense of vitality takes over. On the compass, we have moved through the winter, represented by the north and extreme yin, and heading to the east, the beginning of yang. The equinox phase passes through the North East, which represents an 8 life gua. This inter cardinal point is an earth energy and represents stillness and wisdom. Mother nature takes a breath before bursting into life for another cycle.

During these transitions, our energy can be more susceptible to weaknesses. If you are an 8 life gua, you may feel this more deeply. As the wood energy arises, you may experience some of the effects of an imbalance. You may feel more impatience or outbursts of pent up anger, mood swings, headaches, muscle tension, cramps, or sciatica suddenly acting up. Digestive upsets are also common during the season change as our system adapts. Becoming aware of the transition helps so much in dealing with it. As they say, knowing is half the battle!

(P.S. It happens that there is also a full moon on this years equinox, mirroring again the opportunity for reflection and release! Wood energy can represent any kind of stuck-ness from physical to emotional. Observe what this full moon sheds light on for you.)

Take extra time for your wellness. Rest when your body asks for it, increase your intake of chlorophyll and magnesium rich greens, lightly steamed veggies, sprouts, whole grains, legumes and ideally, some form of exercise to get your Qi moving.

As the snow begins to melt, look to your internal landscape, your wellness and the seeds you'd like to plant this coming season.


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