Movement in Stillness

In Feng Shui, we consider the Yin and Yang of the environment. In this context, we see Yang as bright colors, shiny surfaces, oversize windows, straight lines or rooms with lots of activity.  We see Yin as soft textures, calm lighting, rounded edges, subdued low furnishings, stillness.  For our home to feel balanced, we aim to have these two polarities represented equally.  Taking it one step further, the home is the Yin quality, those who live and move within, are the Yang. This is why a home that has been left vacant feels so lifeless. The Yang/spirit is missing.

This same theory exists within us as well.  So how do we recognize these polarities on an individual level?

The Yang can be compared to our spirit self. Inspired thought and action. Often referred to as the heavenly father.

The Yin is represented by the material. The physical form. That which is tangible. The earthly mother.

That is to say our bodies, the bones and organs are considered yin, the form.  The movement within the body of blood and fluids, the transformation that occurs is considered yang, the function.

When looked at in this way, it is easy to see the interdependence of the two. The yang is what animates the yin.  The yin supports the yang.

To live a more balanced experience, we need to be mindful of the two.  It's as simple as really taking notice!

In Feng shui we look around us, but what of the view inside. Take note if you feel at home in your body, and how often are you really there, truly present?

How does your body (yin) feel or respond to the movement of your breath (yang)? The magic of the universe resides in this simple exhange :-) ☯

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