Choosing color the Feng Shui way

Color is one of the easiest ways to adjust the energy in a room and often one of the hardest things to choose!  The first question to ask yourself is how do you want to feel?  Every color has a frequency that will trigger the nervous system to respond in different ways.  The way you want to feel will set the dominate color, and from there you can choose the complimentary scheme. For a room to have a balanced feel, each of the five elements should be represented. This can be done through textures and shapes if not with color. The amount of natural light is also an important factor! 

The next consideration is what is the room being used for?  For more social spaces, like living rooms and kitchens, yang colors will bring a vibrant energy, while for bedrooms and offices, yin colors bring focus, clarity and calm. 

In general, when we look at the five elements, fire and wood are on the yang spectrum, while metal and water are yin.  The earth element is the balance point between the two.  

Each of these elements have different characteristics and relationships with each other. When we respect the natural order, we create harmony in our environment!   

Fire: High energy

The quality of fire is attaching and passionate. It can warm sexual desire, but also your inner fire with regards to career aspirations and following your passions. Colors of this element are red, purple, orange and strong yellows.  The intensity will soften as you move from red towards yellow and the earth energy. 

The fire element represents the South sector of the home, but the Southwest and Northeast areas can also benefit.  

Red is a very powerful activator so be careful what you wish for! Too much red can bring about aggression or conflicts. 

Earth: Grounded

This energy is very nurturing and brings a sense of comfort and security to a space.  This is why the neutral palette is so popular!  This covers yellows, browns, neutrals, pinks, terracotta or sandy colors. 

The Southwest and Northeast represent Earth energy as well as the center of the home.  Adding neutrals to these areas stabilize the Earth energy. 

Metal: Focused

This element nurtures focus and cuts away distractions, which makes it a great choice for an office or study space!  The palette is white, silver, grey, gold and pastels.  The West and Northwest is where the metal element is represented but it can be beneficial in the North as well for career and prosperity. If you have a space for meditation, this palette supports the higher realms of consciousness.

Water: Relaxed

This element represents flow, of energy and therefore abundance. It also makes me think of finding ease, and lightheartedness. The color palette is the range of blues but also black.  The North is governed by water but the East and Southeast can also benefit. 

Wood: Inspired

This is the energy of growth, inspiration, and community. It represents the greens and browns. Purple can be used as well because this element also pertains to abundance. The sectors wood relates to are East and Southeast.  Touches of wood can also be added to the South, as wood supports fire. I most often suggest this palette for living rooms or family rooms. A soft green can be a great choice for a child's bedroom as well.

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