Holistic Wellness

Feng Shui

Mindful design for a balanced home

Feng Shui is about alignment. This is an approach that allows you to intentionally create the life you want. By aligning your inner and outer world, we can create the best possible environment to support your well being, success, and visions for the future. 

Holisitc wellness

A holistic approach says that body,mind,spirit and environment are considered. A session can include a mix of modalities depending on what is needed at that time.  No two sessions are exactly alike.  My goal is to help you bring awareness to what is out of balance, needs healing, and suggestions on how to move forward and maintain those changes. This can include lifestyle and Feng shui adjustments, flower essence remedies, or dietary suggestions according to your unique constitution and Chinese dietetics.


A subtle but powerful technique that facilitates the body’s own innate ability to heal.  It works with the energetic meridian system, as used in acupuncture..  A gentle pressure is applied to specific areas along the meridian to restore homeostasis within the body. 
This type of treatment seeks to find the root of the disharmony that is creating symptoms and both acute and chronic conditions.


A Japanese technique that promotes healing and deep relaxation with a light touch. The word can be broken down as, Rei meaning spiritual consciousness or universal light  and Ki, life force or Qi or prana. The essence can be described as guided universal life force.  This subtle technique helps the body and spirit restore balance and nourishes any blocked areas, or clear unwanted behavioral patterns. You may receive intuitive insights with this process of what needs healing.  

Flower essences  

These are natural remedies from flower derivatives that are aimed at particular mental or emotional states. When taken, they allow the bodies natural healing potential to unblock and alleviate the emotional or physical distress. These remedies are based on the studies of Dr. Edward Bach.

 Sound therapy   

I often use this method to ground and center during a session.  Sound therapy is like tuning an instrument.  When trauma or emotional distress happens, our vibration can become distorted. Sound therapy helps to restore a harmonious rhythm in the energetic field or helps to clear stagnant energy from past events. 


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Reiki certification

Holy Fire/Usui tradition

Level 1 to Reiki master


Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing and deep relaxation with a light touch. This ancient technique was re-discoverd by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900's. 

  This subtle but powerful technique can be learned by children and adults alike. It helps the body restore balance , clear unwanted patterns or belief systems, and support through positive affirmations and meditation.  An understanding of the origin of the problem is not required for this technique to be effective as the energy will travel to where it is needed. Reiki is a fully positive energy and cannot cause any harm or interfere with other therapies.