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A branch of Chinese medicine,  is a subtle but powerful technique that facilitates the body’s own innate ability to heal.  It works with the energetic meridian system, as used in acupuncture, with its origins going back some 5,000 years.  A gentle pressure is applied to specific areas along the meridian to restore homeostasis within the body. 
This type of treatment seeks to find the root of the disharmony that is creating symptoms and both acute and chronic conditions can be addressed. 
Comfortable clothing is recommended.

Some common ailments that can be supported or alleviated with acupressure are listed below but not restricted to. 

Chronic or acute neck/shoulder/back pain

Insomnia/ Anxiety/ Depression/ Stress


Muscle cramps

Joint pain/knee pain


Chronic fatigue

Menstrual irregularities


To ease menopausal symptoms


Frequent colds and flu  


Muscle spasms/eye ticks 


​60 min session $75.00

90 min session combined with massage  $100.00


Swedish Massage is a long standing practice that promotes overall improvement of health, physically, mentally and spiritually.  This therapeutic technique employs the use of long, soothing strokes and the use of oils, combined with manipulation of the muscle tissues and surrounding fascia for deep relaxation.

The broad strokes help to calm the nervous system and begin to relax and warm the muscle fibers.  Specific areas of tension can then be addressed at the level of readiness of each individual. 


Thai yoga massage is also an age old practice, with it's origins stemming from India and is based on the Sen lines that travel throughout the body distributing Prana or Qi.  The fully clothed recipient is guided through a series of mobilizations, stretches, and acupressure points in combination with various palming, forearm, and elbow techniques to move energy along these energetic pathways, increasing circulation, relieving muscle tension, and providing a deeply relaxing a restorative experience. The practice of Metta or loving kindness is integral to this form of massage in which the practitioner gives a full awareness to the requirements of the recipient. 

Some of the benefits of this work are reduced stress levels and the release of endorphins, reduces anxiety and mental stress, improved circulation, relieves joint or muscle pain, improved range of motion, quality of sleep and overall sense of well being by nurturing the body mind connection. 

60 min session $75.00

90 min session  $100.00



Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing and deep relaxation with a light touch. The word Reiki can be broken down into two parts to help understand it's meaning. 

Rei meaning spiritual consciousness or universal light

Ki signifies life force or Qi as known in the Chinese tradition.

The essence can be described as guided universal life force.  This subtle technique helps the body restore balance and nourishes any blocked areas.  An understanding of the origin of the problem is not required for this technique to be effective as the energy will travel to where it is needed. Reiki is a fully positive energy and cannot cause any harm or interfere with other therapies.

Comfortable clothing is recommended. 

60min session $44.00

Cash, debit, or credit accepted
* Insurance receipts issued under massage therapy. *

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