Ready to change old patterns and bring fresh new energy into your space?

Complete home analysis


The first visit of a consultation is about getting to know what isn't working or feels stuck! This will help prioritize and bring to the surface aspects of your life that you really want to see change. This is a really important step in the transformative process! Our first meeting also gives me the opportunity to view the property and the surrounding area.  I will collect all measurements and observations to begin my analysis.


Here is a list of the types of details that I will require at our meeting in order to complete my study.  A questionnaire will be provided upon booking the consultation to give me even more insight.


  • An accurate floor plan.  This can be either the building plans or hand drawn, as long as it is to scale. Graph paper helps or online programs can be useful as well!

  • How long you have lived in the home

  • The birth dates of the people living there

  • Any major renovations and when?

  • Has anyone moved out since you are living there?

  • Any significant life events or changes?

  • Any challenges that you would like to discuss?

  • Any health concerns?

  • What your expectations or hopes are with this consultation.

The second visit will be scheduled once I have completed my analysis and have prepared your report with color and arrangement recommendations. At this time, I will go over the analysis in full, and you can ask me any questions you may have on implementation of the changes.

In addition to this, you will also receive an annual energy update! Each year we look at specific influences that change with time, so will be able to make the correct adjustments with each new year.  


The cost of a complete home analysis is $350.00 CAD 

 Love focus

This package looks specifically at the bedroom, and the relationship area of the home. Relationships can pertain to intimate partners, but also how you take care of yourself, the capacity for compassion, and forgiveness.  This assessment allows you to tune into your own heart and explore what it's trying to tell you. 

A report will be provided with recommendations for proper arrangement and enhancements, a personal recording of a guided heart opening meditation from the Reiki tradition and recommended acupressure points to soothe heart energy. 

The cost of this package is $125.00 CAD

Option to do via Zoom

Kids zone! 

This assessment is geared to the little ones, or not so little ones in your life!  An arrangement plan is made according to their specific life gua (energy at birth) to best support them in their growth process.  Recommendations include most beneficial bed and desk placements, most suitable colors,storage solutions,tips on winding down before bed, and instructions on how to make their personal self empowering vision board using the 5 elements theory. 

The cost of this package is $125.00 CAD

Option to do via Zoom

Pre sale prep

Preparing your home for sale is a crucial step in achieving your goals and attracting the right buyers to you!  This assessment provides you with suggestions on how to have your home present the right energetic signature, prioritize any changes needed and boost your prosperity and helpful people sector. A report is provided with the recommendations to guide you as well as a simple space clearing technique.

The cost of this package is $175.00 CAD

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