Upcoming Workshops 

The Feng Shui fix

Understanding the basics is the foundation. In this workshop, we explore various ways to adjust and fine tune to create our sanctuary!

Topics to discover:

* The importance of the front door

* Clearing the clutter, physically and emotionally

* Types of Qi and how to adjust it

* The energy and impact of color

* Symbolic Feng Shui

Boosting your Qi

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on prevention rather than intervention. In this class we will work on cultivating our energy reserves. 

The class will open with some simple energy building Qigong exercises, followed by a guided meditation to increase intuition and enhance wellbeing. 

Feng Shui of foods

Even foods have their own specific type of energy according to Traditional Chinese medicine.  In this workshop, we will explore your individual dominant energy, and the energy of foods according to the 5 elements to promote health and wellness from the inside out! 

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