Debbie White


My name is Debbie, owner of Blossoming Spirit.  My practice is geared towards helping others discover and transform patterns that create roadblocks, and reorient them towards that which will support fulfillment of their desires.

Every person is unique, but we all have the common desire to live a whole, balanced, and joyful life.  It is our nature to seek harmony, but this can easily get obscured with the pace of modern living. 

My specialty is working with the five elements through various modalities such as Feng Shui, Qigong, Acupressure and Chinese dietetics.  Each of these domains can work together to bring about and fully support your well being.  The best results can be achieved when all the working parts of our life are considered.

I began my studies in Feng Shui in 2008 after 10 years as a real estate broker. This provided me with a lot of insight!  I became very curious as to why certain homes felt different than others, regardless of the decor!

As a child, I was interested in astrology, numerology, and classical ballet.  I realize now, what they all have in common is the sacred order of things, cycles, how energy moves and transforms.  

There are 3 common approaches to Feng Shui. They are form school, traditional compass school, and the BTB Tibetan form.  What stands out to me the most is that no matter which system is used, a great amount of awareness and clarity comes out of this process!

It brings into focus what areas of your home are mirroring the aspects of your life that you may be experiencing a challenge. Even if you are already aware of what isn't working in your life, it can be hard to shift it when your environment still supports the obstacle. Feng Shui sheds light on how to best arrange your space to match your intentions. 

This practice, as well as becoming a mom, opened my eyes to the world of energy, and led me to wonder about my internal energy! The next step was taking up practicing Taichi.  I spent the next five years training regularly with the Chen Bing Taichi Academy Canada.  This was invaluable, and led me to my next line of study in Acupressure and dietetics in 2016.

Other related studies along the way have included Qigong practitioner certification, Reiki Master certification, sound therapy, massage therapy, clinical mind-body tools, the use of flower essences in supporting emotional integration, and the heartmath technique for Stress, Anxiety and self regulation.

My two boys have always been a great source of inspiration and a guiding light for me to work towards becoming my best self!  It is to them that I dedicate my first published book My Magical Compass. This is a workbook for kids, with simple tools and affirmations to promote confidence, compassion, and the joy of discovering our true nature. 


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