Debbie White

Feng Shui and Holistic wellness practitoner

It took me some time to get comfortable with my vision of becoming a Feng Shui practitoner. In fact, I spent over 20 years as a real estate broker, which provided me with a lot of insight!  As a child, I was interested in astrology, numerology, and classical ballet.  I realize now, what they all have in common is the sacred order of things, cycles, how energy moves and transforms.  

There are 3 common approaches to Feng Shui, so I explored them all. They are form school, traditional compass school, and the BTB Tibetan form.  What stands out to me the most no matter which system is used? The amount of awareness, that comes out of this process! It brings into focus what to be grateful for, what areas of your home/life need work, and how to shift this into your reality.  Using Feng Shui helps bring clarity to your life and aligns you with your hearts desire.  Your home can be viewed as a 3D manifestation board!

Shortly after I began my studies, I realized the deep connection this system had with Chinese Medicine.  What is happening in our bodies energetically is often mirrored in our space.  The body and our space are so closely linked because of the concept of the law of vibration. Everything is vibrating, at different speeds and have specific vibrational frequencies.  This includes natural and man made things, even food, thoughts and memories.  We are in a constant exchange with everyone and everything.  If we clear our energetic body, but our environment is still at a different vibration, it can't support our changes, and chances are, we will fall back into our old patterns.  It's like a radio signal. If you want to hear a different tune than you normally hear, you need to change the station...or frequency!

Around this same time, my first child was born. I was looking for ways to keep myself feeling balanced and vital (I'm a Libra after all!) but I also wanted to equip myself with as many tools possible to raise this amazing spirited boy! 

This was the start of my Reiki training and eventually lead to Reiki master certification.

Other related studies have included psycho spiritual counselling, sound therapy, the use of flower essences in supporting emotional wellness, Taichi, Acupressure, Chinese dietetics, and Massage therapy. 

My goal? To facilitate change, support healing, and to shine as much light as possible while I'm here! 



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